When it comes to games, you always want some good cheats. Here you can find Village Life cheats that allows you to send resources to your account – any mount you want, anytime of day. Click a few buttons enter your details and that’s it. It has never been easier to get in game resources. Click the button below if you wanna start now!


The best Village Life cheats

When games started coming out, people were always trying to cheat. Now, with millions of games all around the world, on consoles, PCs, Facebook… it’s really easy to cheat and get some advantages without working too much. This is the exact reason why I made these Village Life cheats. I really like this game, but I feel really bad when I have to wait a few hours just to get some resources so I can progress. If you are like me and don’t have time to waste on waiting, you can easily use this website and this tool that I made to generate some resources that you need. This will allow you to generate any amounts of: Gems, Coins, Energy and Keys. That’s right. Generating every single resource in the game has never been easier. Here is how you can do this:

Village Life cheats tool

How to generate resources?

This will be a very short tutorial just to guide your trough the steps so you don’t mess something up. The first thing you will want to do is enter your username or Facebook email, either is just fine and it doesn’t make any difference. Now, simple use the drop-down menu to select the amounts or you can just as easily type in amount you want. Once that is done, click on the button generate and wait for about 30 seconds. You will see the console – you don’t have to do anything with it – that will show you what is the tool doing and is it successful. Once that is that, you will see the message “Send my resources”. Simply click that and that’s it! You will successfully send the resources to your account. Then you are done with the Village Life cheats tool and you can go and play the game.



With all of these new websites promising you the best Village Life cheats, you can’t rally trust them. So here is the proof, my personal account and the amounts of resources I have right now after using the tool.

Resources proof

As you can see it yourself, I have lots of them and I only use the tool once so I can show you guys. It won’t get any easier than this so use this as much as you can. With more resources, you will be higher level, have better buildings and simply enjoy more in the game as the game progress. if you want to know, what resources you need or how much time does it take to do something, here is a link to Village Life wiki, so you can calculate everything you need. And just want to say that you should keep an eye on my blog here because I will write often and share even more tips and tricks for this game. There will be some ester eggs so keep visiting! Until then, thank you for reading! 🙂