Best Foods in Village Life

Many people asked me this and I’m finally gonna answer since you want it so much.

There is a lot of different food types in this game each one is different. That is really cool, but it can be a problem for some people since not all of us have the time and the will to do everything in the game. So we use food to get levels faster, fill up more energy and just get more resources either way.

In the game, there is 70 different foods which is a lot if you ask me. But don’t worry, I won’t cover all of this, but if you want to check the details of all the foods, you can do that by clicking here. This is the full list of food and you can check it out any time you want if you want more info. I will only cover a few of those, the ones I think are important and should speed things up.

apple_treeApples – they are great. You only need a few basic tools to get them and once you get them, you will get 25 of them which is a lot! When your Villagers eat those apples they will get 4 happiness points and that’s great. Since you have 25 of them, your Villagers will be really happy most of the time only with apples.

carrotsCarrots – this type of food will be a bit harder to get. You can only start growing carrots once you reach level 14 which takes a bit of time for your to reach. Once you got that level, you will need a few more tools, but those will be easier to get. But all the hard work will be paid off once they start eating them. Each and every carrot will provide your Villagers with massive 14 points of happiness.

Honey – sweet, sweet honey. For this thing, you will have to wait. First you will need to wait full 3 days before even unlocking the food. Then you can make it – which takes about 3 hours to make. Yes, it does sound a lot, but keep reading. Each time your Villagers eat a jar of honey, they will get 54 points of happiness. Now, these are some big numbers.

Thos are the most effective food that you should focus on Village Life. If you don’t have the time or you need some extra resources, feel free to use our Village Life resources generator.


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