Building a good farm

We all know that food is playing a rather important factor in this game and having a good farm is really high one the list of goals, or it should be. Well today I’m gonna talk about how to build a good farm, what to grow on your farm and how to step up your game to the next level

Farm layout

You can have lots of everything on your farm, but there is a few things that are actually the most important. I have already talked about the best foods in this game, but this guide will be about the layout and some other things regarding your farming area. Now, it is best that you divide your village on two parts – living area and farming area. This way you know where to place what and you will also see when are your villagers working and when they are not. You will also be able to command them to move to somewhere else if you need some extra workers. This is a good way to keep everything in order and you will always have a count on your villagers since they will be easy to see and command them when you need it. Check out a few images below to see how to properly arrange your farm and living areas:



Villagers need only one job

This is something I see often when friends ask me to help them. They often don’t keep track of their villagers and most of them do all of the jobs. This is not good. You should have one villager for each job. It may seem stupid, but if you don’t already know, having only one villager doing one work will increase his speed of doing that work. Overtime villagers doing only one job will gain experience in that work and will work faster. From time to time, they will harvest more if they are doing some farm work which is always good for you.


I provided only a few tips today, but these are really important and they will help you in your progress so make sure to properly arrange your farmland and keep one villager for one job. Gaining experience will grant you faster work and more resources in the end so keep that in mind next time when you are sending villagers to work.


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