Getting more gems and keys

It’s not a secret. All of us who actually play this game a lot could use a bit more gems and key in the game so we can get extra items and level up even faster than we are doing it right now. Well, keep reading as I will show you a few ways how can you get them faster.

Look around

This may come as a surprise, but from time to time and as you level up, you will notice some cool and a bit strange things in the village. As you reach level 13, you will see a bunch of ducks that will need your help. Once you help them out, you will get some extra gems. So, keep an eye out for stuff like that as you may miss it. Look at anything strange so you can do the tasks and get some gems.


On the official Village Life Facebook page¬†there is contest that is available to you every week. Players around the world compete for the village design. Keep your village in order, make it look nice and keep your villager happy and you just may win the contest. It’s picked weekly and the winner gets an amazing prize of 500 gems! That’s pretty big and it’s worth keeping your village organised as it could¬†potentially win you 500 extra and free gems!


Getting keys

Well, this is not something you will often find in the game. They only way is to buy them in the store, get them by levelling up or using cheats. As you level up, you will always get some key and gems meaning that you should really level up as fast as possible. But you should really consider buying those keys with your available gems since it’s a lot easier to get them in the game and for free.


As you see, it’s not that hard to get some extra gems and keys in the game. One thing that you should keep doing is save those resources as you will need them for later. Don’t spend all of it at once, better save up for when you really need it and believe me, those times will come. Happy life, Villagers!


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