Talking about the game

You probably know most of this, but this guide will be for the newbies that just started out so sit back, drink a cup of water and enjoy!

So, if you didn’t know, you can play this game on your computer (Mac or PC it doesn’t matter) or you can download the application for your phone and play it on the go. This is a good thing since you will be able to access the game when you want it and when you need it since you will spend quite a while waiting for the building to be done and your crops.

begginer guide village life

Breaking down the game

You have your buildings. There are different types of buildings that you can build and each one will do something else. You food storage that will store food. You have your shelters where you villagers will sleep, rest and live. There is many others, but you get the point.

Then you have food that you use to feed your villagers so they can work and that’s how your progress in the game. There is also different types of food that you will see in the game and different food gives different energy amounts.

Resources are another thing and you can’t mix up food with resources. All of the resources will be collected by villagers and then you can use those resources to build new things so you can expand and level up your villagers and have a bigger, better village.

Quests are something that you should take care of. The more quests you make and accomplish, the better things you will have in your village. There is lots of quests around the village and more will appear while you’re playing the game so try to complete them since you will get lots of experience and lots of new resources to play with.

There is a few types of skills that you will encounter while playing Village Life. These skills will give you bonus time when certain villager does something that he specialize in.

And last, but not least, there is the fun part of the game. You can have your villagers having fun and enjoying spending time. They can play, do stuff together and just enjoy. They will be happier and they will work extra hard for you if they are happy. So, let them have some fun from time to time. You will see great benefits later on.

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