Village Life newbie guide for 2017

With the new year starting out, I decided to make a new guide for all of you new gamers that are trying this game out. I will break down lots of elements in this game so you can better understand how everything works. So here we go!

First of all. This is a free to play game that you can play on Facebook. You can buy some extra good in the game, but you don’t need them to actually play the game, only to speed things up.

Gems allow you to finish buildings or farming instantly or purchase resources. You don’t need this to play the game.

Keys are mostly used to get new foods. With new foods in your village you will get more from them and you can farm faster. This is important so use this only when needed as you will only get a limited amount.

Energy is used for your villagers. Your amount of work depends on how much energy you have. The more energy, do more work you can do (farming and building new buildings).

Coins is just your regular currency that you use to buy items within the game. You get more coins the more work you do and the more challenges you complete over time.

Food is used to feed your villagers. Additionally, food is used to farm it, train your villagers and to gain experience. Some foods will give you lots of energy and some will give less. Those that give you more, usually require more time to grow and to farm.

One of the most important things to have in the game is friends. Friends can send you resources and help you with your village work. You can do the same with with their village to help them out and speed up the growth.

These are some basic tips just to get you started. You can read more on my blog where I have more posts with more tips and tricks for this game and if you want more newbie tips read this blog. And of course, as you play more and more you will start learning on your own, gain more friends and grow really fast which is the whole point of this game so have fun and good luck!

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